Stealth Marketing

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An e-book you own the reprint rights to!

Stealth Marketing is the marketing that your competitors can’t see. It’s the hidden marketing like referral marketing and creating raving fans which no one sees and which makes most of the profit within many businesses.

I fully believe this e-book contains vital information which, if used correctly, can realise a significant amount of increased profit that is actually sitting in your business right now!
I am giving you this book FREE and not only that I am giving you the redistribution rights.

The cost of the book normally would be £29.99, but it’s yours totally free to do with exactly as you wish. You can send it to your mailing list. You can give it away on your website. You can even sell it for any price and keep all the profit. Or you can use it as a bundle or FREE bonus product. It’s up to you.

The only restriction is that you must not change it in any way, which means that you must distribute it in its original PDF format in its entirety.

To recieve a copy of the book simply e-mail Steve Mills at